Mexican food is as healthy as any other type of food as it is prepared. While most Americans think of Mexico and conjure images of fried nachos and quesadillas with cheese, the truth is that these foods are largely unknown in authentic Mexican restaurants. The soccer-sized burritos are not more Mexican than a burger. If you want to improve your Mexican dishes to make them a little healthier, choose these three basic ingredients from authentic Mexican restaurants in Palm Springs.

1. Avocado: Although this creamy nut can be used when it is transformed into guacamole, it becomes a paste that is high in calories. Avocados are rich in nutrients that promote the health of the heart and make the body proud. In addition, avocados contain monounsaturated oil fatty acid, which helps to reduce the number of harmful cholesterol. Avocados can also be strong fighters against cancer and rich in vitamin E. read more